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This page is a list of all my publications, technical reports and abstracts. Pdf files are available for most publications. Please contact me if you have trouble accessing a paper.
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Selected publications (Click here for all publications)

Neurophysiological mechanisms of error monitoring in human and nonhuman primates
Zhongzheng Fu, Amirsaman Sajad, Steven P. Errington, Jeffrey D. Schall, Ueli Rutishauser. Nature Reviews Neuroscience, 24:153–172 (2023)

The geometry of domain-general performance monitoring representations in the human medial frontal cortex
Zhongzheng Fu, Danielle Beam, Jeffrey M. Chung, Chrystal M. Reed, Adam N. Mamelak, Ralph Adolphs, Ueli Rutishauser
Science, 376, eabm9922 (2022).

Cognitive boundary signals in the human medial temporal lobe shape episodic memory representation
Jie Zheng, Andrea Gómez Palacio Schjetnan, Mar Yebra, Clayton Mosher, Suneil Kalia, Taufik A. Valiante, Adam N. Mamelak, Gabriel Kreiman, Ueli Rutishauser
Nature Neuroscience, 25:358–368 (2022).

Flexible recruitment of memory-based choice representations by the human medial frontal cortex
J. Minxha, R. Adolphs, S. Fusi, A.N. Mamelak, Rutishauser U
Science, Vol. 368, Issue 6498 (2020)

Single-Neuron Representation of Memory Strength and Recognition Confidence in Left Human Posterior Parietal Cortex.
Rutishauser U, Aflalo T, Rosario ER, Pouratian N, Andersen RA.
Neuron, 97(1):209-220 (2018)

Persistently active neurons in human medial frontal and medial temporal lobe support working memory.
J. Kaminski, S. Sullivan, J.M. Chung, I.B. Ross, A.N. Mamelak, U. Rutishauser
Nature Neuroscience, 20(4):590-601 (2017)

Representation of retrieval confidence by single neurons in the human medial temporal lobe
Rutishauser U, Ye S, Koroma M, Tudusciuc O, Ross IB, Chung JM, Mamelak AN.
Nature Neuroscience, 18(7):1041-50 (2015).

Single-unit responses selective for whole faces in the human amygdala
U.Rutishauser, O. Tudusciuc, D. Neumann, A.N. Mamelak, A.C. Heller, I.B. Ross, L. Philpott, W. Sutherling, R. Adolphs
Current Biology, 21(10):1654-1660 (2011).

Collective stability of networks of winner-take-all circuits
U. Rutishauser, R.J. Douglas, J.J.E. Slotine
Neural computation 23(3):735-773 (2011).

Human memory strength is predicted by theta-frequency phase-locking of single neurons
U. Rutishauser, I.B. Ross, A.N. Mamelak, E.M. Schuman
Nature, 903-907 (464), 2010.

Single-trial learning of novel stimuli by individual neurons of the human hippocampus-amygdala complex
U. Rutishauser, A.N. Mamelak, E.M. Schuman.
Neuron, 49:805-813, 2006.

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