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Review articles (Previews, Dispatches)

Listed below are previews/dispatches. For peer reviewed review articles, see publication list.

Probing the human brain at single-neuron resolution with high-density cortical recordings (original)
S.Meisenhelter, U. Rutishauser
Neuron, 110(15):2353-2355 (2022)

Metamemory: Rats know the strength of their memory (original) (local pdf)
U. Rutishauser
Current Biology 31(21):R1432-R1434 (2021).

Single-Neuron Correlates of Awareness during Attentional Blinks (original)
Fu Z, U. Rutishauser
Trends Cogn Sci. 22(1):5-7 (2018).

Decision Making: A Role for the Amygdala in Translating Goals into Choices (original)
U. Rutishauser
Current Biology 21;26(22):R1177-R1179 (2016).

Making Decisions Based on autobiographical memories (original)
J. Minxha, U. Rutishauser
Neuron, 86:350-352 (2015)

Transforming visual percepts into memories (original)
U. Rutishauser
Current Biology, 24(3):R125-7 (2014).

Insights into Memory Formation from Electrode Recordings in Epilepsy Surgery Candidates
Advances in Neurology&Neurosurgery, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, March 2013 Issue

What's it Like to be a Brain? (eSkeptic version) (Magazine)
Review of Consciousness: Confessions of a Romantic Reductionist, by Christof Koch, Cambridge: MIT Press, 2012.
U. Rutishauser
Skeptic Magazine, 17:3, 2012

Ambient intelligence for smart buildings (pdf) (original)
U. Rutishauser, J. Trindler, RJ Douglas
The Neuromorphic Engineer vol. 1, nr. 1, Institute of Neuromorphic Engineering, 2004.

The promise of intelligent machines (Book review of "On Intelligence" by J.Hawkins)
RR. Rohrkemper, U. Rutishauser
Bioworld Europe, 2005

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